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Private Clinical Research Study

Regeneration, rejuvenation and maintenance of health depend heavily on an interdependent network of stem cells within our body. CellRegen is a very potent and effective nutraceutical formulation available today capable of accessing this stem cell network to potentiate the regenerative power that lies within! The concept of regenerative medicine using the body’s own stem cells and associated chemical signaling factors to repair tissues, fight disease and promote a whole new level of daily health and wellness is reality. Mobilizing one’s own regenerative stem cells precludes problems associated with immunogenicity and rejection. New scientific discoveries suggest that totally natural compounds may be capable of triggering and maintaining a previously unattainable level of health and wellness. This potent formulation of natural, alternative therapeutic agents accesses a broad range of stem cells which work together to prevent or fight disease on a daily basis while maintaining an increased level of wellness by priming ongoing organ rejuvenation throughout the body. Stem Cells released from the bone marrow cavity possess the potential to differentiate into many different cell types to aid in healing and to sustain optimal organo-physiological functioning.

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CellRegen Daily Oral Formulation – Study Approach:

The study engaged two groups: i) Adult Volunteers – StemErgy Daily Proprietary Product. ii) Adult Volunteers – Proprietary Product Control (PSP) Adult Volunteers from Asia and the USA were evaluated. Selection background prohibited medical pharmacological management of any disorder thereby precluding confounding of results. Volunteers who did not remain in good health (i.e. free of infection/disease including colds, flu etc) during the testing period were excused from the study. The study group was composed of individuals from 19-62 years of age. Dosing: Each capsule of proprietary StemErgy Daily contains 500 mg of product. Table 1. Dosing Schedule and Product Below

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Hematological Sampling:

Immediately prior to commencement of the study, initial baseline values were established for peripheral blood samples from each volunteer. Dosing commenced following baseline determination (T=0) of values and then followed a defined dosing regime. Subsequent blood samples were drawn at pre-defined time-points during dosing with either CellRegen Daily or PSP. (T= 5hr; Days 5, 15, 30) as per Table 1. Routine CBC profiles were generated for each volunteer at each time-point for 30 days. Exceptional attention was afforded to blood compartment analyses as it was crucial to confirm that all values remained within normal ranges throughout the study. The preceding would play a critical role in evaluation of product safety. Additionally, specialized immunological determinations were performed for detection of hematopoietic and mesenchymal stem/progenitor cells released into the peripheral circulation throughout the study using flow cytometric analyses. All samples were analyzed in a hospital laboratory testing facility under the direction of a licensed medical physician. All laboratory results were reviewed and reports issued under the authority of the laboratory’s Medical Director to StemErgy, LLC. CBC Normal Ranges: Based on the Normal Ranges for hematological parameters established by the clinical laboratories performing (CBC) analyses and the stem/progenitor immunological profiles for Volunteer blood samples the following Normal Ranges for CBC are defined: Table 2 below.

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Results: Comparison: PSP Control vs. StemErgy Daily

Fig 1. CELLREGEN FORMULATION. Cd34 and Cd117 – Percent of All Events

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Summary Statements

The CellRegen formulation has a proven proliferative effect on both hematopoietic and mesenchymal stem cells. This privately funded research clinical study extends the initial in vitro findings of Scarfi et al. (2008, 2009) and demonstrates a clear in vivo effect.


The clinical study clearly demonstrates that CellRegen's proprietary formulation contributes to a proliferative effect on both hematopoietic and mesenchymal stem cells in vivo in human volunteers.


1. Scarfi S. et al. Cyclic ADP-Ribose-mediated expansion and stimulation of human mesenchymal stem cells by the plant hormone abscisic acid. Stem Cells. 2008;26:2855–2864 2. Scarfi S. et al. The plant hormone abscisic acid stimulates the proliferation of human hematopoietic progenitors through the second messenger cyclic ADP-Ribose. Stem Cells. 2009;27:2469–2477