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About CellRegen

StemRegen LLC is a company formed by Dr. Russel Fowler and Jana Moreno which supplies CellRegen products to individuals and organizations within the United States. Based out of Springfield, Missouri, Dr. Fowler and Ms. Moreno partnered together with the formulators of this proprietary blend in order to provide plant stem cell food supplements to their friends and family. As popularity for these FDA compliant products grew, Dr. Fowler and Ms. Moreno started an LLC and began supplying these products both to individuals and to businesses alike. This organization was formed in 2017 out of love and passion for health, vitality and greater quality of life for people of all ages.

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Graduating from Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, Missouri in 2000, Russ Fowler, D.C. is an experienced chiropractic physician, and has helped many people live a more active, productive and healthy life. He has great success helping people with sports injuries, auto and work injuries, neck, back, and joint pain. His experience as a rehabilitation specialist, certified strength and conditioning specialist, and professional athlete, make him the doctor to go to for health care.
Dr. Russ Fowler, D.C.
Director at StemRegen
Jana Moreno is an international writer, speaker, Certified Systemic Constellation Practitioner, a director in the WeWorld Global Summit©, and Founder of WeDames© Online Women's Magazine. Jana has had the honor and pleasure of living in SE Asia from 2006 to early 2016 where she learned, developed and adapted her entrepreneurial mindset as well as marketing and advertising skills. After working with many doctors in SE Asia, she moved to Springfield, Missouri where she met Dr. Russell Fowler, and from there, together, they began sourcing FDA compliant plant stem cell food supplements for the American market.
Jana Moreno
Director at StemRegen
Stevie Tan is a senior art director, graphic designer and marketing consultant who has been in the advertising line for over twenty years serving international clients. Stevie is passionate about CellRegen because these products awaken our dormant stem cells. Awakening our dormant stem cells is preeminent in helping us regenerate and rejuvenate. Like what Dr. John Bergman said, our health depends on how well we regenerate (anabolism) over degeneration (catabolism).
Stevie Tan Eng Soon
StemRegen Partner

About the Formulators and Researchers

Dr. Ann Steele, PHD, PMIAC, CLDir,

Dr. Ann Steele was the Chief Science Officer providing breakthrough research and development is an internationally recognized Stem Cell Scientist and Clinical Researcher pioneering novel clinical protocols for procurement, differentiation and expansion of autologous cardiac stem cell reparative / regenerative strategies. Dr. Steele is a senior Scientist with 30+ years of experience in clinical medical research, has spent over 20 years in clinical service at All Children’s Hospital/Johns Hopkins Medicine/Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in St. Petersburg, Florida, and has received numerous professional awards and academic honors. Former Principle Clinical Scientific Cardiac Stem Cell/Transplant Research Scientist at All Children’s Hospital/Johns Hopkins Medicine, USA. She is one of the first scientists in the world to isolate and promote cardiac stem cells for transplant and repairing injured hearts.

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Dr. Mark Dargan Smith, ND, PhD, MD (MA)

Dr. Mark Smith is the Executive Director of Stemergy with involvement in partnership, research, marketing and product development. Dr. Smith is Chairman of the Board, and Dean of the University of Natural Medicine, a non-profit educational organization with affiliate centers in over 15 countries, has been a clinical practitioner and instructor of integrative medicine, nutrition, naturopathic and osteopathic principles in health clinics, hospitals and health retreat centers throughout the world for over 30 years. Founder and Dean University of Natural Medicine, USA Dr. Mark has over 30 years of integrative and natural medicine clinical and research experience. He is also an internationally renown speaker in this field.

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