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Key Benefits of Plant Stem Cell Food Supplements

Plant Stem Cell Food Supplements have been produced in the United States after years of research from Dr. Ann Steele and Dr. Mark Dargan Smith, and it’s creating a buzz. While there are many stem cell therapies out there, many of them are costly and come with risks, some of which are listed below.

Risks of Stem Cell Therapy

There’s also news of some stem cell therapies being able to cause tumors and other serious problems – because stem cells have the ability to differentiate into many kinds of cells and hold great regenerative and reparative promise, they also have the potential to cause unwanted or unanticipated outcomes. Additionally, depending on the procedure, the body’s immune system may reject the stem cells introduced into the system creating a myriad of other issues or, in the case of a disease-weakened immune system. serious, unanticipated and even lethal outcomes may occur. This is why with many stem cell therapies doctors monitor their patients after the procedures to ensure their safety.

Benefits of Plant Stem Cell Food Supplements

CellRegen is a Plant Stem Cell Food Supplement that is not only all natural, organically grown and made with ISO Certified ingredients – all gluten free, egg free, dairy free, and soy free.

As you probably know, as we age our internal mesenchymal and hematopoietic stem cells may decrease in number. Stem cell loss or reduced numbers are often due to a toxic cell environment in an organ, or these cells may become “repair- or regenerative- challenged” due to the numerous metabolic complexities associated with aging or these cells may even lose their own “stem cell protective state” and become vulnerable to end stage cell death like other cells in the body.
This is one reason why as we age, we often take longer to recover from illness and webegin “feeling our age” – in part, due to the impact of reduced stem-cell-based rejuvenation – we just do not get “re-charged” like when we were younger!.

CellRegen plant-based stem cell food supplements were designed to help recharge and recapture the power of reparative/regenerative stem cells within – irregardless of age, increase their numbers available to regenerate, rejuvenate and repair organs and structures in need of healing – all the while providing both the cleansing environment needed for function and the pure nourishment for optimal cellular performance.

The CellRegen formulation enables the body’s own natural internal regulation for repair producing and releasing only enough cells needed for the required healing within.  And remember – CellRegen increases the reparative stem cells within your own body – your own stem cells – so, your immune system will not reject its own stem cells. There is no need to fear side effects or immune system interference with the healing potential and power contained within your own stem cells! And, because CellRegen is a plant stem cell food supplement, it doesn’t interfere with an individual’s medication or prescriptions.


StemRegen CellRegen Plant Stem Cells Cell therapy cellular rejuvenation tissue organ reinvigorate regeneration good all natural ISO Certified
The Magic of Mesenchymals

Mesenchymal stem cells are capable of healing many bodily organs and tissues and their rejuvenating action has been documented through research as well as through testimonials.

Results from privately funded human clinical studies for this unique proprietary blend, verified an increase in mesenchymal stem/progenitor cell number availability for regeneration and healing. This increase was noted within hours after taking an initial dose of the formulation.

Effects reported:

1. Increased energy and vitality and sense of well-being
2. Support of and accelerated healing of wounds
3. Rejuvenated and/or repair of damaged or diseased organs and tissues 4. Increased efficiency of organ function
5. Reawakening of dormant or “hibernating” stem cells within the body.

Other Benefits of CellRegen Plant Stem Cell Food Supplements

While the above benefits have been demonstrated through basic research, privately funded human tests and testimonials from users, CellRegen plant stem cell food supplements may also contribute to or support the following paths to regenerative or rejuvenative health….

1. Stimulates growth, energy and efficiency of all cells,
2. Provides the materials necessary for increasing cellular, physical and mental energy,
3. Builds and modulates the immune system,
4. Serves as a liver protector while regulating liver and kidney functions,
5. Helps detoxify toxic metals and chemicals from the body,
6. Reduces recovery time from exercise and disease,
7. Serves as a proven brain food and brain cell protector,
8. Produces antioxidants to combat damaging free radicals and has anti-aging properties,
9. Accelerates and enhances the repair of damaged tissues,
10. Accelerates recovery from disease and trauma,
11. Increases the growth of beneficial bacteria in the digestive system,
12. Strengthens and improves hair, skin, and nails,
13. Supports stem cell function for blood, bone, tissue, gland and organ health.

About StemRegen LLC and it’s Product, CellRegen Plant Stem Cell Food Supplements

StemRegen LLC is an original equipment manufacturer based out of Springfield, Missouri which markets Plant Stem Cell Food Supplements, namely CellRegen, to industry-related businesses in the United States. Some of these industries include pharmacies, chiropractic clinics, naturopathic clinics, yoga studios, wholesale food providers, food distribution companies, gyms and other stores both local and national. This product was formulated in the United States, and the manufacturing plant is under current good manufacturing practices (GMP), registered with the underwriter’s laboratories complaint, and has certification with the Natural Products Association.